Veto Pro Pac XXL-F

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The Big Boy! The XXL-F is the largest closed top tool bag in the Veto Pro Pac line up.

Originally developed as a modern take on the carpenter’s tool box, the extra length gives you the ability to store longer tools like pry bars, 2 foot levels, framing squares and wood saws.

Ideal for tradesmen who like to have everything at hand, one side has the traditional vertical pocket storage that the Veto bags are famous for, while the other side provides a long horizontal space for bulk storage. You can fit multiple cordless tools and even your tool belt in this tool bag.


Width: 243mm
Length: 650mm
Height: 430mm with handle folded down)
Weight: 5.8kg
Pockets: 54
Accessories: Shoulder strap, Electrical tape strap, Stainless tape clip.
5 Year Warranty

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