Veto Pro Pac TECH-MCT

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Based on the original MC but tailored to suit Electricians and HVAC professionals. The defining feature is the difference in the pocket arrangement, on one side you now have larger pockets designed to fit cordless tools and various meters/test equipment.

This form factor is ideal for service calls and fault finding jobs where portability is key. This makes the TECH-MCT a great second bag that you can fit out for specific tasks.

Height: 36cm
Length: 26cm
Width: 21cm
44 interior and exterior pockets of varying size
31cm of vertical storage zipped up
Outside mounted stainless tape clip
Electric tape strap
Holds over 50 hand tools
Waterproof base, 3mm polypropylene
Extra wide padded shoulder strap
Over-molded ergonomic grip
5 year warranty!