Veto Pro Pac OT-LC

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The OT-LC is the smallest of 3 open top tool bags in the Veto Pro Pac range. “built like a tank” applies when describing this tool bag, with its 3mm polypropylene base, 1800 denier nylon exterior and super durable leather edging. The open top design of this bag will appeal to people who like to have extra storage space for power tools or bits and pieces for the job. It also includes 2 removable pockets an ergonomically designed handle and a padded shoulder strap.


Width: 243mm
Length: 343mm
Height: 305mm with handle folded down)
Weight: 3.6kg
Pockets: 36
Accessories: Shoulder strap, Electrical tape strap, Stainless tape clip.
5 Year Warranty

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