Mining Tool Bags

Lets face it mining is a messy business so of course your gonna want a solid tool bag to keep your expensive investments clean, safe and dry! A closed top design is a must as well as being water resistant which is a feature of all these bags.

LC / XL / XX-F

These bags have been proven in the field time and time again. Nothing is more rugged, reliable or built as tough. The closed top design is great for keeping your valued tools shielded from the elements and even prying eyes. They represent great options for tradesmen in the mining industry,  the only decision will be on which size you need, the LC has 57 pockets, 67 for the XL and the XXL-F has 55 however one side is completely open which will allow storage for large items(hand saws, 2ft levels, pry bars, etc.) . All will store cordless drills.

Mining tool bagXXL-F Mining tool bagLC Mining Tool Bag

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The Tech-LC is a result of a collaboration with HVAC specialists and years of feedback from existing customers. The end product represents a highly tuned tool bag specifically designed for Electricians and HVAC technicians.

Tech-LC Mining Tool BagTech-LC1 Mining Tool BagTech-LC2 Mining Tool Bag

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Tool Bags for Other Trades,

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