Electricians Tool Bags


These two bags are the result of a collaboration with HVAC specialists and years of feedback from existing customers. The end product represents a highly tuned tool bag specifically designed for Electricians and HVAC technicians.

Electrician tool bagElectrical tool bagTech-LC Electrician tool bag

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These bags have been proven in the field time and time again as Ideal Electricians tool bags. Nothing is more rugged, reliable or built as tough. The closed top design is great if for keeping your valued tools shielded from the elements and even prying eyes. They represent great options for Electricians,  the only decision will be on which size you need the LC has 57 pockets and the XL has 67. Both will store cordless drills.

Best Electricians tool bagHVAC tool bagbest Electrical tool bag

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The open top design of these bags will make all your tools easily and quickly accessible. They also allow storage for larger power tools or parts for the job. Perfect for electricians or HVAC technicians.

Electrician tool bagbest tool bagOT-LC electrical tool bag

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