Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC

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The Tech-LC was designed for users who needed space to store larger tools like meters and cordless drills. On one side you have the standard LC pocket arrangement and on the other there is a range of larger pockets to suit bulkier items. Ideal for Electricians, plumbers and HVAC specialists

In addition to the revised pocket arrangement the Tech-LC tool bag has 8 new small neoprene pockets that can be used to accommodate drill bits, sockets or extensions.

The shoulder strap has been redesigned and instead of the previous Velcro patches it now has a heavy duty clip to attach to the handle of the bag.

The exterior has been modified slightly with new colours and leather highlights. The look is very professional and is sure to impress customers and your now envious workmates.

The cherry on top is the 5 year warranty that Veto Pro Pac include with every product they make. You really can't go wrong.

Width: 243mm
Length: 343mm
Height: 482mm (305mm with handle folded down)
Weight: 3kg
Pockets: 53
Accessories included: Shoulder strap

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