Felo 3pc VDE Screwdriver set

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Felo Ergonic VDE - 41393194


-Made in Germany
-15 Years Warranty
-Individual screwdrivers tested to 10,000V
-Ergonic, the first handle that adapts to the user’s hand
-Smooth, seamless handle for maximum comfort
-Hand and handle interlock, causing less strain
-Hanging hole for easy storage or inserting lever
-Anti-roll handle design
-Blades manufactured from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel
-Screw symbols on handle cap
-Superior torque which exceeds DIN and ISO requirements by up to 100%
-GS tested for safety
-Full length, impact proof handle core
-Black tip for precision fit


VDE 4,0 x 0,8 - 413 040 90 (Slot)
VDE 5,5 x 1,0 - 413 055 90 (Slot)
VDE PH 2 - 414 203 90 (Phillips)