Which is the best tool bag for you?

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Three of the main factors to consider when selecting a tool bag:



Empty weight for Veto pro pac tool bags ranges from 3.5kg to 6kg, this is a significant difference however the tools you carry in the bag will have a far greater impact on the final “loaded” weight. We typically recommend going with the smallest bag that you can comfortably carry your core tools in, one issue with the larger bags can be that they are far too easy to overload with excess tools which can make them cumbersome. Although if you work in an environment like a workshop where your tools stay in one place for the whole day then this isn’t such a big issue. Maintenance people who are walking from job to job would be better equipped with a smaller bag.


Some of the things worth considering when thinking about the bags physical dimensions are the size of the tools you will want to carry and if they will fit comfortably into your tool bag, Because these bags allow for vertical storage the height of the closed top design will determine the maximum length tool you can carry, this may be an issue for very long screwdrivers or pry bars. If you need to carry a hacksaw then the length will be something you should consider. Also you may want to consider what space you have available in your vehicle, some of the larger bags may not fit into cupboards or boxes in your truck/ute.


Open or closed top?

Closed Top Open Top
-Lockable with the use of a padlock.
-Protection from the elements.
-Water resistant.
-Contains tools better in a knock over.
-More pockets in the same footprint compared to an open top.
-Easier access.
-can accommodate larger or odd sized tools.
-Greater amount of empty space for cordless tools or parts for the job.

Much of this decision will come down to working conditions, for dusty or damp environments a closed top is a must. Personal preference is a big factor also as many guys enjoy the easier access that the open top layout promotes while others will prefer to have their tools concealed from prying eyes(the pesky apprentice!).

Trade specific suggestions

We put together a few pages with recommendations on the best tool bag by trade/profession. These suggestions came together using data collected from customers who completed after sale surveys, do keep in mind that just because the bag you like isn't on your trade specific list doesn't mean it won't be a great fit for you and your work.
Some guys like to have multiple bags for specific jobs, for example an electrician may have a dedicated bag for ruff ins/fit offs and another for testing/commissioning. If you carry a laptop you may want to look at the XLT or LT. You may also want a clip on tool pouch to accompany your full size tool bag, check out the pouches here.

Mining Tool Bag >

Electrician Tool Bag >

Technician Tool Bag >

Carpenter Tool Bag >

If you'd like to hear another opinion before making a decision then feel free to drop us an email detailing the type of work you do and the typical tools you carry, so we can then point you in the right direction or discuss the pros and cons of the various models.
Happy Hunting!


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