New Veto pro pac laptop bags XLT/LT

07 November, 2011 6 comments Leave a comment

Hey Guys, Just a quick one to let you know about the launch of two new Veto pro pac bags.

Take a look at this video rundown of both bags by Roger Brouard the founder of Veto pro pac.
We will be stocking these bags along with the new HVAC bags early December but will have very limited stock so be prepared to move fast!




  1. quick cash August 11, 2012


  2. tabata April 08, 2012
    I like your fantastic web site. Just what I was searching for! Best regards


  3. Victor November 30, 2011

    Any word on pricing and availability yet, as importing via ebay is starting to tempt me.

  4. TheToolBloke November 13, 2011

    Hey Stu if you subscribe to the mailing list you will be notified when the XLT becomes available.

    Pricing will be released shortly.

  5. Stu November 12, 2011

    Could you please let me know as soon as the XLT are available so I can snap one up.


  6. david irvine November 08, 2011

    how much are the xlt going to cost

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