New Cargo Tote bags.

Posted by TheToolBloke on

The latest Veto creations include 2 cargo totes to store and transport bulky tools and/or parts for the job.

Super high quality again from Veto, these are great as a catch all bag when you have a bunch of extra random/bulky tools that don't fit in your main tool bag. As with all the Veto gear a 5 year warranty is included.


CT-LC Tote bag >

CT-XL Tote Bag >

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  • This gear is the best I got the smaller MB a TP3 & 4 and there loaded to the max
    Will be ordering a Tech Xl and big MB asap so I can rock a mighty Veto rig
    The lads at work be so jealous of my setup as it sits at the mo
    I’ve told them where to buy so expect orders me tool bloke

    Jason on

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